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Fall Travel Registration Open now for a Limited Time

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Fall Deadlines are Coming!

Travel Deadline is June 4th. Recreational Deadline is August 1st.

Travel registration has a very early (and strict) deadline for the Fall. Recreational soccer is the typical August 1st deadline. See below for more information about both our local recreational league for players 4-8 years old and our competitive travel league for players 8-19 years old. 

The Tuscarora Youth Soccer Club is offers separate programs for several age groups. Children Ages 2-3 and 4-6 play in our program provided by Soccer Shots (see below.) Ages 6-7 are eligible to play in our Recreational U8 Program. Ages 8-9 are eligible to play in our Recreational U10 Program. All groups U10 and up are also eligible for competitive travel played in the Central Penn Youth Soccer League. U10 Players with experience are encouraged to register for travel soccer.

Recreational Soccer Mission

Provide a player-focused development program that utilizes soccer-related activities to inspire and promote a player's creativity on the field.

How does the program work?

U8 Program - This program is for players familiar with the basic elements of the game. Fundamentals of soccer will be taught to provide players will the tools to participate at the next age level. Practices are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays for about 1 hour each. Players will need their own size 3 soccer ball for practices. Teams are run and games are officiated by parent coaches. Games will be held on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings at the Montgomery Township Park (Primary Location) or Edenville Community Center (Playing TAYSO U8 teams.) Rescheduled games (due to weather or other circumstances) may reside on a different day.

Note: Parent coaches should be willing to ask questions to create a session and coach their individual team of about 6-8 players. 2 Coaches per team are preferred.

U10 Program - This program plays tighter to the expectations of the official rules. Players graduate to a Size 4 ball and games are played in Montgomery Township Park, Edenville Community Center, and Greencastle United Soccer Complex on Friday Evenings or Saturday mornings. Rescheduled games (due to weather or other circumstances) may reside on a different day. If this occurs, we try our best to make this a practice day. Teams are led by parent coaches and games are officiated by referees (when available)

Note: Parent coaches should be willing to ask questions to create a session and coach their individual team of about 9-11 players. 2 Coaches per team are preferred.

When are practices?

U8 Program - runs on Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6:00-7:00pm. Times may flex slightly based on daylight savings.

U10 Program - We seek to utilize our field space as best we can and prioritize a 6-7:30pm Tuesday/Thursday practice. As this new program grows however, this may not be possible. The guarantee is 2 practices per week.

Cost is $55 for U8, $75 for U10. $10 discount if the player requires a jersey. [Players are asked to wear their own black shorts, black socks, and bring a size 3 soccer ball.]

Parents who volunteer as a parent coach will receive $20 off their registration fee per child playing in FTTB! eg. 2 Children = $40 off Registration! Refunds are distributed once certifications/trainings are obtained and coaching begins.

Anticipated Game Season Dates 8/20-11/13 
(Practices Typically begin 2 weeks prior, weather permitting)


Competitive travel in the Central Pennsylvania Youth Soccer League.  Practices are held twice per week in Mercersburg, PA. In the Spring season there are 7 total games. Games are typically split half at home, and half away.

TYSC's registration can be found completely online. Please be sure to thoroughly fill out your registration (this includes attaching copies of birth certificates and player photos) and thoroughly read your receipt email from us.

Registration Fees for Fall 2022 are as Follows:

U10 - U15:  $90

Uniform cost is $15 for white home jersey and $15 for Green away jersey. Players can wear their own black shorts and black socks. Uniforms can be ordered online at a later date. A link will be sent out to all registered players closer to the start of the season. Note: All new players will be responsible for ordering a jersey. (If it's 3 weeks before the first match and you haven't seen uniform order information, please contact TYSC)

Anticipated Game Season Dates 8/20-11/13 
(Practices typically begin 2 weeks prior but are up to each individual coach)



What is my Child's U-Age?
The easiest way to determine your child's U-Age is by subtracting their birth year from the year of the Spring season of the soccer/school year.  For instance, a player born in 2010 would be a U13 this year (2023-2009.) Your child's U-Age will remain the same for the entirety of this season (U-Ages do not change because of a birthday passing.)


What size soccer ball do I need?
Players should all bring their own soccer ball to practice. Coaches are provided with soccer balls to use for games.

U8: Size 3
U9-U12: Size 4
U13-Adult: Size 5

Looking for Ages 2-5?

In 2020, TYSC began utilizing Soccer Shots as our program for ages 2-5. We received tremendous feedback about this program. This program is only once per week. You register for the time slot that works for you. As we fill up, they will open new opportunities. See https://TYSCSoccer.org/soccershots for more information and to register.