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First To The Ball (FTTB) Academy for U6 and U8 Players

Our Mission: 

Provide a player-focused development program that utilizes soccer-related activities to inspire and promote a player's creativity on the field.

How does the program work?

U6 players will practice once per week while U8 players will practice twice per week. Games will be held on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings. Rescheduled games (due to weather or other circumstances) may reside on a different day.

Coaching education will be provided by a Overall/Head Coach who takes care of writing the sessions for the week and acts as an informational tool for the Parent Coaches to utilize.

Parent-Coaches* will be sent the session for the week via email and will arrive 15 minutes before the session to ask questions and discuss with the MasterCoach as well as the other coaches. Parent-Coaches will also meet 15 minutes after the session to provide feedback of their experiences.

Note: The Overall/Head will only be present for the first session of the week. 
*Parent Coaches will have the option of working solely with the team their child is on for the week.

How are teams set?

Players will be set into flexible teams. If their parent is not one of our Parent Coaches, this means that they will have the opportunity to experience different Parent Coaches within the program.

Forming groups like this allow the FTTB Academy to become more player-focused. Players can be placed in groups based on their abilities to best challenge them as well as for the purpose of fun and competition. Doing this keeps games more competitive and improves teamwork.

Previously teams were created in a completely random manner. We recognize that this raised confusion with some parents. We are committed to overhauling our communication and organization to make sure that this is not an issue in the future.

When/Where are practices?

The FTTB Academy Program runs on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-7:00pm for U6-aged players, and Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6:00-7:00pm for U8-aged players. Times may flex slightly based on daylight savings. NOTE: Players may participate in U6 or U8 if their ability warrants the alteration. All Practices and Games are held at Montgomery Township Park (10241 Shimpstown Rd, Mercersburg, PA 17236) 
Note: Players may participate in U6 or U8 if their ability warrants the alteration.

The Benefits of our FTTB Academy:
  • Helps to create a professional environment
  • Allows all players to follow the same curriculum specific to their age group
  • Curriculum is repeatable - no longer will some players be taught by a coach with 20 years of experience while another has a first-time parent who is learning the game themselves!
  • Eliminate win/lose record as a means to identify quality play
  • Develop coaching techniques
  • Creates a strong club culture
  • Better use of field space
  • Easier to evaluate players for future placement
  • Ease in moving players around based on ability or comfort
  • Higher Parent willingness to coach (historically a struggle)

TYSC believes that the FTTB Academy provides the best individuals to our travel program, the best coaches to our travel program, and allow for the most amount of fun!
Friday, April 7th 6pm
Friday, April 21st 6pm
Saturday, April 22nd 9am
Friday, April 28th 6pm
Saturday, May 6th 9am
Friday, May 12th 6pm
Saturday, May 13th 9am
Friday, May 19th 6pm
Saturday, May 20th 9am
Saturday, June 3rd 9am

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Rules & Guidelines

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